2013    How Much Do I Owe You?: Queens "Art Exhibit: How Much Do I Owe You?"

2011    Ise Cultural Foundation: Ten Thousand Things "Keiko Miyamori: Bird Cages & the Gilded Boat, installation with soundscape by Steven Berkowitz @ Ise Cultural Foundation, NY, Jan 14-Feb 26 "

2009    Fleisher Art Memorial Wind Challenge Exhibition: Philadelphia Inquirer "Galleries: Paintings that offer both allure and depth" by Edith Newhall

2008     Transplant: City Paper "Good Neighbors" by Robin Rice • Workshop in Iraq: Behdinan Press "Tsunagu-Kabe"

2007     Greenmachine: Kyoto Journal "Ten Thousand Things" by Jean Miyake Downey • Artblog "Greenmachine: Art, Technology and Nature" by Andrea Kirsh • ARTCUL: ArtCal "Land(e)scape"

2004    Art & Community VI: The Color Project: Philadelphia Inquirer "Greener than nature" by Edward J. Sozanski • Philadelphia Weekly "Green Room" by Roberta Fallon • MEMORIA: Philadelphia Inquirer "Harmony of Spheres" by Edward J. Sozanski • Art Blog "Harmonica convergence upstairs at Nexus" by Roberta Fallon - ArtsJournal "Artopia • John Perreault's Art Diary" by John Perreault

2003    MELODY: Tribune "Two-artist exhibit makes note of relationship between art, nature" by Kurt Shaw • Post-Gazette "Japanese artist's hope rubs off on viewers" by Mary Thomas, Art Critic • ROOT CONFERENCE: Lawrenceville "Root Conference by Keiko Miyamori"

2002    IMAGINA: Philadelphia Citypaper "Tree of Life" by Robin Rice • Philadelphia Inquirer "Community Roots" by Edward J. Sozanski • Philadelphia Weekly "Miracle Grow" by Roberta Fallon • Philadelphia Citypaper "Keiko Miyamori - IMAGINA" by Debra Auspitz • Around "Beyond the Muse" by R.B. Strauss

2001    Typewriter - Energy: The Philadelphia Inquirer "Echos of Japan" by Edward J. Sozanski • Philadelphia Citypaper "Under the Influence" by Michael Pelusi