About Keiko | Bio
keiko at work

Keiko Miyamori is an artist originally from Japan. She majored in traditional Japanese painting at university and was awarded the Tamon Miki Award for Modern Painting the year she completed her graduate work. She then moved to the United States, where she enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania for one year under the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs (Bunka-Cho) Fellowship program. She then returned to Japan but in 2000, she relocated to Philadelphia and set up a studio there. Previously, Ms. Miyamori’s work has been in group shows at the Ueno Royal Museum, Sompo Japan Museum of Art, Art Tower Mito, and the Miyagi Museum of Art, among many others. Since 2000, her work has been shown primarily in the United States, as well as in Japan, Germany, and South Korea. Her body of work spans across paintings to sculptures to installation art. She is presently based in both Japan and America.

Ms. Miyamori works with natural materials such as handmade washi (Japanese paper) and charcoal, to create tree rubbings (tree surface patterns transferred onto washi) with which she wraps natural and artificial objects. Another representative category of her work suspends objects from nature or her own artworks within clear resin plastics.